“I have trained with Jason Bender for several years and he is without a doubt the most dedicated trainer and martial artist I have ever met. He constantly strives to improve his own techniques in order to provide the most up to date instruction for his clients. He cares for his people and it shows in the way he programs his classes and training regimens. He is a true professional.” - Joshua H.

“Jason! You know I love training with you! You're the guy who got me back into BJJ and, in addition to being an excellent practitioner and teacher, you're a fine human being and I always look forward to our training sessions.” - Todd R.

“Jason Bender is a sensational martial artist. Not only that, he's a great instructor in not only the fistic and grappling arts, but also physical fitness. If you're looking for an instructor that is knowledgeable, personable, and outstanding in his field, you can't find anyone better than him.” - Tony Cecchine

“Jason is a patient, dedicated instructor who helps all of his students to make steady progress, wherever they are on their fitness journeys. Jason skillfully balances challenge and support in ways that encourage people to give their best effort while continually striving to become stronger, increase their flexibility, and expand their comfort zones.”

“Jason is innovative, and committed to his own on-going professional development. Classes are never boring, and we are always learning new things.”

“We work hard in Jason's classes. We also have a lot of fun. Jason's caring approach and positive energy are contagious. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a strong sense of community among the people who regularly participate in his classes. We laugh together, help one another out, and cheer each other on.” - Shannon H

"What Jason has given me is more than just a class. It's more than personal fitness. It's more than self-defense. What he's given me is a new perspective on being healthy, on proper training and living my best life. "The Jason Bender Method" is tried and true. I'm grateful to know him and proud to call him friend." -Damien Young

"I don't think I knew how to train before Jason's classes. His attention to form and posture maximize the benefits of every circuit. I never thought I would so fully enjoy working out. Every class he pushes me beyond my limits. Every class I feel stronger, faster and more agile. He doesn't just help me with fitness, but he has improved my entire quality of life." -Jackie Cuevas-Young

"I tried Jason's class because I was looking for an easy way to get in shape for my wedding. Thankfully he taught me that things worthwhile aren't easy." -Jacqui Gu

"Jason will give you more than you expect to receive. Expect nothing but success. He will help you train harder than you did yesterday and train harder tomorrow than you did today. Expect greatness in the martial arts from him." -4 time Martial Arts Hall of Famer Shonie Carter

"Jason always has a smile on his face while encouraging us because he really cares. He makes working out at 6am fun and that is saying a lot." -Jen Loboda  Health Coach at http://www.nutritiousinthecity.com

"My day is always better when it starts with Jason!" -Annie