Getting Started

The hardest part in accomplishing anything great is simply getting started.  Many times the goal seems too immense to tackle and we often feel we need to prepare before attacking our goals. Something I constantly hear is, “I need to get in better shape before I do any of your workouts.” If you wanted to make your car run as efficiently as possible, most of us would not start working on it before taking it to the mechanic. Taking it straight to the professionals tends to be the wisest move. Most are worried about the embarrassment that comes with not being able to keep up in a class. First things first, anyone who looks down upon another person who is not able to keep up is not welcome in my class. My heart is constantly warmed when a veteran class member stops his/her workout to assist the new member. Not only are new members welcome to most fitness classes, but they inspire the veterans to keep putting in the work to build their own goals. Everyone loves the underdog, so when someone is struggling but pushing as hard as possible, people are motivated in their own endeavors. The most inspiring moment of any long race is not when the winner crosses the finish line but when the last of the runners are limping to cross the finish.


So let’s go through a template for starting your day. One of the most common questions is whether to workout in the morning or evening. Statistics show some positive results for exercising in the morning and may play a role in accelerating fat loss, but I have not found any substantial results either way. Whatever works best for your schedule is fine, as long as you are getting it in. Starting your day with a small glass of warm (fresh) lemon water will benefit digestion. Having proper digestion not only aids in the absorption of nutrients but has a major effect on the function of our brain which, in turn, controls our energy and mood for the day. A perfect breakfast is a variation of an omelet or scramble: eggs (or a vegan substitute) and vegetables. Mix up the vegetables day to day as to receive a variety of nutrients and taste so you do not get tired of having the same breakfast every single day. Avoid carbohydrates like oatmeal or breads in the morning. No matter what decisions you make for the rest of the day, at least you have a good start.  


Jennifer Loboda from has a few tips for those starting their new program. “My advice for someone starting from scratch in the healthy eating department is to start small and sustainable. Add one healthy food into your diet, like greens. A super simple green smoothie recipe is one handful of spinach, a banana, a cup of almond milk and 1-2 tablespoons of nut butter. Then you can still have your 3 donuts and 5 cups of coffee, whatever your vice is, but at least you are doing something good for yourself too. After that becomes a habit, add in one more healthy food and keep it up. I prefer people have an ‘add in’ mentality instead of ‘giving up’ their favorite stuff. Eventually they will be eating so many healthy foods (and loving them) they will not have room for all of the not so healthy stuff.” Perfect advice, Jennifer.


So this week is all good starts! Join a class, eat a good breakfast and start making healthier food choices. Like the philosopher, Laozi, a contemporary of Confucius, said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Take your step today.